RDS, Dublin

1st October, 2024

Conference Venue

RDS Dublin

Situated in the heart of Dublin, the RDS is an iconic and culturally rich venue. Conceived by forwardthinking visionaries, its founders believed in the power of ideas and their transformative potential. Their mission was to catalyse action, fostering a vibrant culture and economy in Ireland.

Conveniently situated just 16km from Dublin Airport and 7km from Dublin Port, the RDS is easily accessible via a rage of public transport options, and surrounded by an abundance of hotel and Bed & Breakfast accommodations, ensuring ample choices for all attendees traveling to the event.

Throughout its history, the RDS has played a pivotal role in shaping Ireland’s cultural and economic landscape. Today, it continues to drive progress on key issues, and the ISEA is thrilled to host its annual Solar Ireland event at this emblematic venue, highlighting the progress of the solar industry in Ireland.

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